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Value Added Course


The course will provide the students with the basic knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects of different techniques of tissue processing and staining. This subject covers the tissue collection, fixation, processing, embedding in paraffin-wax and section cutting, routing and special stains for different tissues for light microscopic study. It also covers immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, DNA isolation, bone decalcification, diagnostic cytology, tissue culture and microscope optics.

The aims is to make students to understand the and develop the skills in various processes in the tissue processing techniques. The outcome of this course will make the students proficient in understanding and managing the practical difficulties they come across and turn out to be well in histological techniques.


Ever since the advent of medicine, life sciences have been running parallel to therapeutic sciences in forming the concepts of human life and the treatment of diseases which threaten it. The basic requisites for understanding man’s diseases come only after understanding man’s body. The dissection is inevitable part of medical education that provides details of internal structure and the functions and relationships of its components to medical learners.

Though there are many guidelines to emphasize protective measures in the dissection hall, many of students unaware of those measures. Therefore it is necessary to educate health and safety for the individuals in laboratory circumstance as medical/dental students and future care takers of health consequently they will become vigilant while they are in laboratory or handling hazardous materials. Moreover student will develop the fundamental ethics while they are working in laboratory.

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