Department of Anatomy

We are privileged to say that the Department of Anatomy was started three decades ago. We, being first and foremost department of Basic Sciences departments, work with the sole aim of laying a strong and thorough foundation in the fundamentals of medicine for the under graduates and post graduates.

The Anatomy department is placed in the second floor in the campus. It is an active pre-clinical department. It fulfils the required infrastructure and qualified teaching faculty as per DCI norms.

In this department, the area of course deals with the Human Anatomy along with Developmental Anatomy (Embryology), Microscopic anatomy (Histology), Neuroanatomy and Genetics caught by extremely dedicated team comprising of experienced senior faculties and energetic young junior staff members



The Department of Anatomy aspires to contribute the best at teaching the structure of the human body in a clinically relevant context to students in the health professions. We will make every effort for the excellence in anatomy education by:

  • Presenting quality education to our students.
  • Developing and using the most effective and modern teaching techniques available
  • Advancing as a resource for our clinical colleagues who benefit from anatomic studies.
  • Contributing to the improvement of medical education by conducting meaningful research in education and assessment.


The Department of Anatomy is committed to participate actively in educational, research, and service endeavours and to share anatomical knowledge with the society. Our mission is to develop and promote the knowledge in the field of the anatomical sciences by encircling the education, instruction, and research in Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy and Medical Education.

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences is committed to providing quality and innovative teaching through expertise in the servicing of under-graduate and post-graduate programmes. The Department will endeavour to contribute to the research output within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Department Resources

The Department upholds the prestige of the discipline among the fraternity of staff members. The department has developed the following laboratories.

Gross anatomy: Here, the department consist of a separate dissection hall with storage tank for the cadaver as well as for the wet specimens and dissection tables for the demonstrations of the students.

Histology laboratories: The histology lab is well equipped with adequate numbers of microscopes with ample luminosity for the student to demonstrate with the histological slides.

Museum: The museum of the department is made available with the wet specimens, models and bones.

Radiological anatomy: Various X-rays related to head and neck region are collected for the demonstration purpose of the student.

Developmental Anatomy: The embryological models are available for the students to understate the developing processes of the individual structures related to head and neck region.

Osteology: Abundant number of dry bones are available for the description purpose of the student which are placed in the museum.

Genetic: Various charts are available for the students.


The innovative teaching and research strategies adopted by the department are directed to develop self learning habits in students through discussions, symposium & seminars.

The anatomy department plans to implement teaching programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The department is using modern teaching & learning resources

PG Programs

The department is guiding twenty nine post graduate students of various dental departments in our campus. The department is using modern teaching & learning resources.

The Department of physiology was started in 2003, since then department is actively engaged in providing a spectrum of comprehensive knowledge, and service of the highest quality to students including research activities. The mission is to enhance the students understanding of the function of cells, tissue and organs.


  • A fully equipped research laboratory with enthusiastic researchers
  • HOD &Faculty rooms
  • Department office with a computer and internet connection
  • An Amphibian and mammalian laboratory, hematology and clinical Physiology


  • Museum
  • The Demonstration rooms
  • Library