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Academic Pragrammes

Undergraduate Training Programme

DCI Requirements

The undergraduate syllabus strictly adheres to DCI protocols, with planned classes and allocated staff. Students receive regular study materials, including notes. Mock tests prepare them for final exams. Special attention is given to underperforming students through additional coaching. Student records and workbooks are routinely assessed and monitored.

Highlights of the under graduate training programme are

  • Faculty members are assigned Theory / Practical classes and clinical responsibilities in a well-organized manner.
  • Multimedia Presentations are extensively utilized during theory classes, fostering a comprehensive understanding of concepts while enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Close-knit interactions and productive discussions with students are fostered during Practical classes and clinical postings, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.
  • Demonstrations are conducted to illustrate various techniques and procedures, such as wire bending and acrylization, allowing students to acquire practical skills through hands-on experience.
  • The department's library houses a comprehensive collection of the latest Orthodontic books, Journals, and Periodicals, providing students with easy access to valuable reference materials.
  • Regular personal counselling sessions are conducted by senior staff members to address individual student needs and provide guidance on a personal level.

Soft Skill Development

There are periodic lectures on self – development to keep the students spirits high and keen on learning.

Postgraduate Training Programme

DCI Requirements

The syllabus for postgraduate students strictly adheres to the guidelines established by the Dental Council of India (DCI), ensuring meticulous adherence to the prescribed curriculum. Our department diligently plans lessons and schedules, allocating dedicated staff members their respective teaching responsibilities on specific days. Regular provision of comprehensive notes and study materials assists students in their learning process. To ensure thorough preparation for final exams, we conduct mock tests, enabling students to familiarize themselves with the examination format. We prioritize personalized attention and support for students who may face challenges in their performance, promptly identifying their needs and providing them with additional coaching hours. Furthermore, we maintain a diligent routine of assessing and monitoring the records and workbooks of all students, ensuring accurate documentation and facilitating their academic progress.

Postgraduate students benefit from extensive exposure to a wide array of clinical cases encompassing diverse Dentofacial disorders, providing them with valuable hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of complex dental conditions.

  • Our training modules encompass a comprehensive range of Prosthodontics Techniques and Mechanics, spanning from fundamental concepts to advanced practices. This ensures that our postgraduate students develop a well-rounded skill set and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field.
  • We place significant emphasis on maintaining up-to-date and meticulous records for each case, recognizing the importance of accurate documentation in delivering effective patient care and facilitating research and analysis.
  • As part of the academic program, postgraduate students are required to compile and submit a comprehensive Library Dissertation (L.D.) to the Department prior to commencing their Dissertations. In addition, our department conducts regular multimedia Seminar Presentations, Journal Clubs,and Case discussions three days a week, providing a platform for scholarly exchange and in-depth analysis of challenging cases.
  • To support research and training endeavors, our department maintains a cutting-edge record storage room housing a vast collection of over 800 completed cases. These resources are consistently utilized for research purposes and serve as valuable learning materials for postgraduate students.

Soft Skill Development

All PG Students are trained in taking Seminars and Journal club discussions. It teaches them to research in depth about any particular topic.

Ownership Skills

Each PG Student is given an individual cubicle, to develop a sense of Ownership and to personalize their workspace. It gives them an opportunity to get creative and enjoy their work.


The Post - Graduates are teamed in Vertical Slot System, which encompasses one PG from every year. This further enables the freshers to get better oriented, as the seniors take them under their wings and guide the juniors.

Inter Departmental Discussions

There are routine Clinical Society Meetings and Inter Departmental Discussion held frequently to enhance and explore the Inter Disciplinary treatment approaches.


Webinars by various renowned speakers were conducted in the online platform for the benefit of the students during the pandemic.

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