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The Human Genetics Research Centre (HGRC), DST FIST Funded Facility at Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital is a pioneering research centre focusing on basic and medical human genetics. Our mission is to uncover genetic insights in human health and disease. With state-of- the-art facilities and a dedicated team, we are committed to making significant contributions to the field of genetics.

“We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.” Liam Callanan

Human Genetics Research Centre has started functioning in the year 2010 in Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital. Our centre achieves excellence in genomics and molecular biology into the Dental science and clinical medicine. Since its inception, formerly as Human genetics laboratory, Dr. Arvind Ramanathan was the Principal Investigator until 2018. The Human Genetics Research Centre is well equipped with Department of Science and Technology (DST) - FIST Infrastructure for 'College as a whole’, from 2018 onwards. Dr. Usha Subbiah is heading the research centre and Principal Investigator for DST-FIST supported facility to do genomic research in clinical medicine. The focus of our research centre is on the identification and screening of genetic markers, polymorphisms and mutation(s) in oral /dental diseases and disorders. The centre promotes both clinical and basic science research activities which include Microbial Genetics to Human Genetics and genomics as applied to human diseases. The centre provides mentoring for enthusiastic students to work on research projects in specific areas and help them to develop their own approach to problem solving towards translational research.


  • Human Genetics Research Centre offers a diverse range of research and development to uncover the role of genomics in human health and disease. As part of the Human genetics unit, researchers work amongst the very best scientists to produce original and distinctive globally leading research in oral and dental disease. The Centre support research in fields of clinical, basic and translational research with special reference to genetic variants of several diseases including syndromes towards precise molecular medicine.


  • Human Genetics Research Centre is dedicated to build an enthusiastic collaborating environment for research related to clinical application in human genetics. We aim to understand the role of genetic component and  development of genomics-based strategies for prediction, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in human health. We promote training on methodology platform for genome analysis and develop interdisciplinary focal points of genetic research.

A broad-based curriculum and research opportunities in basic, applied, or clinical genetics helps the staffs and students to gain knowledge in all aspects of human genetics.

  • To create a robust molecular screening centre for oral disease and disorders
  • To promote research and education focused on the medical and scientific significance of variations in genome.
  • To understand and explore the impact of genetics on disease prevention in public health.
  • To develop diagnostic markers for disease and disorders

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