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Research Laboratory For Oral-Systemic Health

A transformative shift is underway in the realm of patient care, forging a new paradigm that bridges the fields of dentistry and medicine. With an increasingly comprehensive understanding of the oral systemic connection, dentists are poised to assume a more pivotal role in safeguarding the overall health of their patients. It is becoming evident that dentists, who possess the expertise to diagnose oral and periodontal diseases, can contribute significantly to detecting and addressing systemic health conditions at their early stages. Oftentimes, the initial manifestations of underlying systemic abnormalities manifest in observable changes within the oral cavity. This emerging reality underscores the vital importance of dentists in promoting holistic well-being and underscores the necessity for greater integration between dental and medical practices.


The research laboratory for Oral-systemic health aims to research the direct link between oral microbiome to varied systemic diseases.


The research laboratory will aim to achieve excellence by promoting Quality Research, Knowledge and collaboration.


Molecular Epidemiology and Virulence Characterization of Anaerobic Gram Negative Bacilli in Periodontitis and Its Association with Atherosclerosis.

Ongoing Projects

  • Phyto-chemical investigation and molecular docking studies on traditional medicinal plant extracts for antimicrobial activity against clinical pathogens.
  • Prevalence of Candida species among patients with Oral squamous cell carcinoma and Potentially malignant disorders and Molecular characterization of Candida albicans with special reference to its virulence and antifungal resistance.
  • Assessment of quality of life and oral candidal carriage among Tobacco users and implementation of suitable educational intervention package.
  • Aggressive periodontitis: A clinico-genetic and microbiological analysis.
  • Molecular characterisation of Klebsiella species with special reference to its virulence and antibiotic resistance.
  • Study on association of Microbiota to oral squamous cell carcinoma.
  • Molecular studies on resistance and virulence determinants among clinical isolates of Enterococcus species.
  • Epidemiology of nasopharyngeal carriage of Streptococcus species with special reference to Streptoccocus pneumoniae among healthy children and elderly adults.
  • Molecular studies on resistance and virulence determinants among clinical isolates of Salmonella serotypes.
  • Clinico-microbiological profile of post-operative surgical site infections.

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