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Best Practices

For UG Students

    1. Problem based approach:

  • The Under Graduate students are taught in a systematic and in a problem based approach system.
  • Module 1 – Gingivitis

    Module 2 – Periodontitis.

  • The systematic approach begins with the knowledge of basic tissues of periodontium followed by its pathological features in gingiva and other periodontal components.
  • Students are presented with a problem and they are guided to diagnose and formulte a treatment plan.

2. Periodic Assessment Tests:

The students are evaluated every month through uniformed evaluations through

  • MCQ’s
  • Case scenarios.

    3.Motivating students who progress

    Based on continuous evaluation, student efforts are monitored and improvement in the performance are motivated by awarding them with badges.

    For PG Students

      1. Periodic Assessment Test

      PG’s are evaluated each month based on

    • Pedagogy
    • Clinical skills
    • Theoretical exams.
    • The best performers in the evaluations are awarded every month

    For Staffs

      1. Leadership is moulding leaders

      The senior faculties mentor and mould the junior staffs in all perspective of the career.

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