It all started when we received the invite from Sri Venkateswara Dental college to participate in the grand event Moksha 2k24. It was high time that we unleashed our passion and celebrated our excellence. The event was one of the most awaited ones as it was the first grand event that the 2019 batch interns took over. In a celebration of diversity and talent, the Moksha cultural event brought together participants from various colleges under one roof with a fusion of scientific, cultural and sporting activities.

We, Balajians boasting a total of 278 enthusiastic participants, showcased the vibrancy of our cultural exchange, the competitive spirit and also the heights of our intellectuality. The cultural segment of Moksha was a spectacle to behold, featuring captivating performances in singing and dance. The air was filled with melodious tunes and mesmerising choreography. The dancers put on a spectacular show, making the audience jaw drop and undoubtedly won the first place in both classical and fusion dance. It wasn’t just the dancers , our adzap product MALA MOP was the crowd’s favourite and inevitably were the winners of the event.

Various other events had winners that included both online and offline competitions like cooking without fire, doll up, ortho twist, insight capture and reels. Beyond the stage , the students also shone in intellectual pursuits, with participants clinching numerous poster and paper presentation events. Almost 50 posters and papers won apparently. Their innovative ideas and research contributions added another dimension to the event, showcasing the depth of talent of the college’s community. Needless to say about the sports events and the athletes of the college,we stood as an epitome of true sportsmanship and showcased what it takes to shine in all the fields. The valedictory ceremony served as a fitting finale, honouring the dedication and talent of all involved.

Amidst fierce competition, the dance troop emerged victorious, claiming the coveted first place, while the overall runners up in the cultural event underscored the university’s commitment to excellence across all disciplines. Nearing the end, the college emerged triumphant, carrying home an impressive tally of FIVE trophies. These victories not only symbolise the handwork and dedication of the participants but also serve as a testament to the Sree Balaji’s commitment to fostering holistic development and nurturing talent in all its forms .

The whole event stood as a beacon of cultural harmony and excellence, exemplifying the power of collaboration and creativity to unite the hearts and minds in celebration of the human spirits. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the combined efforts and the tutelage of our respected chairperson Dr. Sri Nisha, Managing director Er. Elamaran, our Registrar Dr. Bhuminathan, our beloved Dean Dr. Kannan and our most important members of the committee of student affairs.

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