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A wide range of procedures are offered by the department of conservative dentistry and endodontics, including direct and indirect tooth restorations, vital and on-vital bleaching, cosmetic veneers, non-surgical and surgical root canal therapy, re-treatment of failed endodontically treated teeth, aesthetic rehabilitation, smile designing, and surgical endodontics employing LASERS and dental operating microscopes.

Introduction to the speciality

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics is one of the oldest branch of dental sciences. The advances and developments within the last five decades has drastically changed the scope of the subject and clinical practice into advanced research. The speciality of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics forms an integral part of dentistry, that contributes to the majority of today’s clinical practise. Various new innovations in materials, treatment modalities and research strategies has been introduced widely in our speciality.


This branch mainly deals with the conservation of tooth, thus helps in protection of natural dentition. The department also deals with various esthetical treatment procedures like smile design, tooth whitening that are rendered to the patients in subsidized rates. Other Conservative treatment procedures like Indirect esthetical restorations, veneers, inlays, onlays, porcelain crowns, composite restorations are also provided to the patients. Endodontic treatment is rendered to patients with pulpal disease that includes various procedures like RCTs, hemi section, splinting, perforation repair, periapical surgery etc. All these treatment procedures are effectively carried out in our department to restore the natural smile and oral function for all the patients.

History to the Department

1989 : The Dept of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics was established.

1992 : The 1st Batch of Under Graduates students entered Clinical Posting

1994 : First Batch of BDS passed out from the Department

1997 : First Batch of MDS was commenced with 2 PGs

2000 : First Batch of MDS passed out

2002 : The department started functioning as under the domain of Bharath University

2007 : PG intake increased from 2 to 4 Nos/ Year

2017 : The department started functioning as under the domain of (BIHER)


  • To provide standard dental education to students, to provide quality treatment to the patients.
  • To strive for excellence in clinical practise of dentistry.
  • To provide quality patient care.
  • To provide innovative, inter professional educational experiences that develop students as integral members of the health care team and future leaders.
  • We value diversity and do not encourage discrimination and harassment.
  • We encourage collaboration and co-operation among all units of our department between faculty and students.
  • To generate and disseminate new knowledge in our research and discovery.
  • To foster an environment in which all students, employers, clinicians, faculty and researchers can reach their highest academic and professional potential.
  • We will strive for excellence and continuous quality improvement in all of our activities.
  • We respect all patients and provide them with compassionate , ethical and culturally appropriate treatment.
  • We value diversity and do not encourage discrimination and harassment.
  • We encourage collaboration and co-operation among all units of our department between faculty and students.
  • We will continuously learn and share ideas, knowledge.


The mission of our department is to advance the speciality of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics through excellence in education. Quality patient care and research on par with international standards.

Thrust areas of the Department

Teaching & Learning methods

  • We provide optimal learning objectives to students based on their respective academic year.
  • We implement problem based learning for UG and PG curriculum.
  • We encourage students to access to all the libraries in the city including all post graduate institutions and provide easy access to all libraries in our institution.

Faculty development programs

  • Various workshops are conducted in the department for the empowerment of knowledge to the faculty members.
  • Allowing the faculty to attend the various workshops / research programs held outside the university.

Research areas

  • We create affiliations with Engineering universities like Anna University, Cipet, IIT for research works.
  • Getting the clearance from ethical committee for any research activities undertaken
  • We impart basic knowledge in Biostatistics, ethics for the students including the same in the PG curriculum

Patient care

  • In process of digitalization of all the patient records and census.
  • On the process of creation of website for the department which can provide authentic information to the patients on various procedures performed in the department also can be used for their feedback.
  • We provide a quality endodontic care and to establish a caries free society.

Future plans and objectives of the Department

The current thinking and strategy is surrounding one concept – to be globally competent. The dental operating microscope is already installed in our department and the department is planning to have an advanced research centre that will contribute towards future research on evidence based guidelines.

  • To fulfil the inadequacies learnt by experience and get better year after year.
  • To be rated second to none.
  • To expand our department in the field of knowledge, academics, service and research on par with international universities.
  • To Implement more innovative teaching methods.
  • To keep in update with the current advances and to be in par with international standards.
  • To fulfil student demands.
  • To be increase the individualistic clinical research and open to publications.
  • To increase the exposure to teachers of international standards.
  • To develop collaborative course with national/international universities.
  • Planning to install patented irrigation device in all the dental chairs in the post graduate section.
  • Planning to install four dental operating microscopes in the post graduate section.
  • To create a separate area in clinical section of the department exclusively for aesthetic / cosmetic treatment procedures to be rendered to patients.
  • Proposal to send faculty members and students for aesthetic training in foreign universities.

The department provides the state of the art compassionate care to all patients requiring its specialized Restorative & Endodontic treatment. We are committed to academic excellence in teaching and research. We strive to be leaders in the speciality. The department has contributed significantly in developing and promoting our speciality and is represented in national and international conferences.

Our motto is to develop a friendly environment that fosters personal, professional pride, satisfaction and growth.

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