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Greetings from the Department of Pharmacology, Sree Balaji Dental College & Hospital, Chennai!

Pharmacology provides a venue to probe and unveil disorders and diseases through the study of drugs in all their richness from the still-evolving canon of past works to newly emerging genetically engineered forms.

The department has evolved significantly over three decades and sets out to fashion a platform for radical and revolutionary thinking which would ultimately ring in a more liberated and holistic approach and provide a conducive environment for all students to develop the skill required to understand and thrive in the modern world.

The department fosters an awareness of the disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research of vital significance for comprehending the strength and challenges of the medical and dental field.

The department maintains a good reputation for research, teaching, and individual growth and heartens the pursuit of academic excellence through transmission, transaction, and transformation of knowledge through the consistent performance of disciplined, dedicated, and down-to-earth staff members.

Dr. Sumathi Jones

Professor & Head
Department of Pharmacology

The teaching faculties aim to motivate and hone the spirit of excellence in the academic, scientific, and research areas through intensive mentoring both in and beyond the classroom in a wide variety of forums.

The department has a distinct position amidst the student community for the ingenuity to promote the communication skills and personality development of the students through value-added courses.

The department is the first and foremost to organize the international webinar series Dentopharm with eminent and renowned scientists/Academicians as speakers from top universities that include Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University of California, Merck Research Laboratories, Avanos Medical Inc Alpharetta, Kean University, USA.

Our department’s Publications in High-quality journals with impact factors Chemosphere(8.9), Environmental Research(8.4), Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments(7.4), Biosensors (5.7) Journal of King Saud University(3.89) and 8 patents adds Jewel in the crown.

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