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The department houses a large Pharmacology practical hall for undergraduate students. There are 21 working tables with electricity connection, wash basins. In each table 6 students can do their experiments comfortably at a time. Totally the lab can accommodate 125 students.

Ante-room 15 Sq.m area is used for preparing drug solutions and physiological salt solutions which are used for the experiments. There are two store rooms measuring 13 sq.m each. It is located in the third floor and fourth floor is utilized to keep all glasswares, accessories used for experimental pharmacology and chemicals..

Department library

It is measuring 50 sq.m located in the third floor. It is an air conditioned room with comfortable reading tables and access to a computer and the departmental library is equipped with 110 books.

The curriculum includes seminars, integrated lecture series, both horizontal and vertical.


The area of the research lab. is 50 Sq.m meant for research purposes. It is well equipped with all necessary instruments such as Rota rod apparatus, Actophotometer,Pole climbing apparatus, Plethymography, UV spectrophotometer, Eddy’s hot plate, Analgesiometer, Calorimeter, Centrifuge and plus maze apparatus

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