The Department of Community Dentistry

Oral health services are predominantly urban oriented. To overcome this issue and make all specialty services available to the rural population, the Department of Community Dentistry has a holistic approach wherein the department trains the students to address problems related to the rural population. It strives to make the students complete oral physicians who can address problems from its root and believe in eradicating it completely. The department trains the students to motivate people by using street plays and health talks to address problems like personal hygiene, water conservation, air pollution etc.

Since the inception of the department in 1989, a number of health programmes (treatment and check up camps) comprising of diagnosis, restorative treatment, exodontias, oral prophylaxis, oral health awareness, general health awareness etc. have been conducted.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Oral and dental care delivery to the masses at their doorsteps – An institutionalized approach
  • Orient students to the profession of dentistry, its development, and philosophies and to the activities related to community oral health promotion.
  • Provide the student with principles and working details required for administering dental practice effectively.
  • Create awareness about oral and dental health among members of the community through activities of community organisations and professional bodies. Make the student aware of the prevailing or changing socio-economic conditions.

Areas of study

Undergraduate Training Program

The Department of Community Dentistry is involved in training undergraduate students. Apart from lectures, exercises are designed to help the student understand the community aspects of dentistry. The students are required to submit a seminar on their allotted topics.

Field programs

  • Assessment of oral health status of the community using WHO proforma
  • Preparation of oral health education material like posters, models, stage plays, skits, lectures etc.
  • Understanding community health problems
  • Visit to primary health centres
  • Visit to water purification units
  • Visit to waste disposal units
  • Visit to water recycling plants
  • Visit to incineration plants
  • Visit to rural satellite centres run by the institution
  • Organization of community oral health programme
  • School dental health programme
  • Oral and dental treatment camps for rural and semi-urban population
  • Rural centre postings for the interns
  • Treatment camp postings on Sundays for the interns
  • WHO and door-to-door health surveys for interns