CEO’s Message

Its my privilege and honor to serve as the CEO of Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research ,College of Dentistry- Sree Balaji Dental College & Hospital. My 12 years as CEO had already imparted a deep appreciation for the college’s enduring traditions of outstanding dental education, research and patient care.

Founded in 1989, the College of Dentistry has long been acknowledged as a national and even global leader in all the aspects of oral health. We believe that dentistry must be firmly grounded in a foundation of basic and applied science, and we support this approach through wide-ranging research in evidence-based dentistry, dental materials, oral biology, oral medicine, behavioral science and other disciplines.

Over the years, the Dental College has produced more than 2,000 dentists and delivered care to lakhs of patients, many of them among our region’s most vulnerable citizens. While our primary mission is to produce outstanding oral health professionals, we also recognize our profound responsibility as a public institution.

In programs to Reduce Oral Health Disparities, Regional Initiatives in Dental Education and the Rural and Underserved Opportunities Program, we strive to make oral health care available to those who do not enjoy ready access. Our Research Centers and a clearinghouse of best practices, seeks to reduce the incidence of preventable dental disease among our children and oral cancer. In our research and educational programs, we maintain productive collaborative relationships with leading universities in the world.

At the same time, we value and promote diversity among our students, staff, faculty, and patient populations. We encourage imaginative inquiry and the free exchange of ideas, and promote personal development, professionalism and high ethical standards. Our greater goal is to improve the health and well-being of all our citizens, and to reflect the best values of our University.

We are moving into a new era in which dentistry incorporates advances in genetic research, oral biology and materials science. A rising focus on interprofessional education also means that our students will gain a better appreciation of how dental health relates to overall health. It will be an era whose dentists will have the tools to manage their patients’ oral health more effectively than ever before.

I am proud to lead the Dental College at such an exciting time.

Dr.S.Bhuminathan, M.D.S. Ph.D